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Our History

Dr. Dom Marini has been in practice in North Florida for over a decade and has had the opportunity to lead a heart team of medical professionals at the Palm Coast Cardiovascular Institute. During our modest beginnings we discovered in our society, that the philosophy, strategies and implementation of medical care were evolving, often leading to less than optimal patient outcomes. We embraced the challenge that patients have in access to good affordable health care. We acknowledge the fact that patients often don't have an advocate and are lost in institutional chaos. We have worked hard and are proud of our reputation and core value of being a traditional old fashioned patient-centered Cardiology practice.

Palm Coast Cardiovascular Institute has grown and developed a comprehensive range of cardiovascular medical services. In our infancy we saw medical care changing with respect to its priorities. We have seen all too often whereby technology trumps common sense medical care and exaggerated advertising often falls short of the standard of care. Even though we have been the first to lead in many areas in Flagler County as we extend the boundaries of cardiovascular care; we did so with patient's interest first. In addition, our clinical staff has enjoyed the reputation of providing a whole new level of compassionate care while providing technology and tools that give our patients the information they need-and the voice they deserve in choosing their health care.

In Flagler County, our heart team has been the "first" in many areas. Dr. Marini often speaks about how grateful he was to his professors and colleagues who helped him introduce Flagler County to new skills and innovations that had not previously been available in our community. We were instrumental in advancing treatment of acute myocardial infarction treatment protocols and heart failure treatment protocols. Dr Marini ushered in two new interventional cardiology services in St. Johns County and Flagler County. He worked hard to insure that all acute myocardial infarctions were treated in a timely fashion. Our heart team has often been relied upon to fill in the clinical gaps in care when medical emergencies developed and there were no available medical teams to answer the call. With the establishment of a second opinion heart clinic, our Cardiovascular Institute has been helpful in challenging complex clinical scenarios.

The Cardiology Institute was the first in the county to have national certification in both echocardiography and nuclear cardiology. In addition, we have the only board certified cardiologist overseeing a dynamic nationally accredited cardiac imaging center in Flagler County. We have the only heart imaging center with an onsite board certified cardiologist available to our heart imaging patients. We have a long history of serving the economic disadvantaged and offered the first comprehensive screening to patients in the county who were uninsured. We have a long history of service to the community. We are most proud of our long-term relationships and our strong connections within our community.